Portrait of a Writer



Sabrina Small is the founder of Tinker and Borrow, which is a vintage store for furniture, homeware, independent books, and fashion based in Wedding. From an early age, Sabrina was drawn to flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales. These venues exist outside of commercial capitalism and honour a deeper part of our humanity, one in which we are trading and haggling with members of the community over the value of goods belonging to the deceased. It is a bit macabre, but Sabrina feels that the sterility and slickness of constantly shopping for new things has led to a devastating amount of waste. What’s more, by dipping into vintage and second hand, we are often able to find uniquely beautiful, well made objects that deserve a second life.



Mar is a queer & non-binary handythem realising DIY dreams for customers all over Berlin. They are also part of the start-up "Driller Queens" and work as set designer and producer for their trans* filmmaking collective. Mar loves creating beautiful spaces full of personality and decided to make their love for DIY and big machines to their profession. You can learn more about their work and FLINTA* professionals in the crafts industry here and here.

Last but not least...


Levi Ranks is a Nazarene from St. Lucia. He has been in Berlin for 40 years. In that time, he has been a prominent producer of reggae music, a drummer, a guitarist, and songwriter. He is a designer of bags, clothes, and furniture. He turns trash into treasure. He teaches the children of Wedding about gardening, ancient cultures, and music. He is the proud father of seven children and he will paint your house better than anyone in Berlin.